Changed the way I list layout credits

I changed things up a bit. I wasn’t posting credits right away because it took me a while to search for the links to the kits…esp if they were freebies.

So, I’m going to just list the name of the designers and/or the store they come from…I’ll also add the name of the kit if I know it.

If you’d like a link for the sites, please leave me a comment with your email address. I won’t publish it, or will edit the address out…and I’ll email you the link or post a reply comment.

I want to give credit, but right now I’m not organized enough to have the links handy.

DISCLAIMER: I do have an Amazon Affiliate account that I have used in the past to link to items. Lately, I have been using links for Amazon Smile, which will give a donation to my favorite charity. Unless noted, I am not making any money from any links I post and am posting them to credit someone or to share an awesome product. Any questions? Contact me.

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