Who Pooped? & Happy Birthday Dad! heh

LOL…what a title!! And pretty fitting if you knew my family!!

After the sweatshop, dinner, and birthday apple pie I came home to the most horrific smell in the hallway. UGH, it was NASTY!!! and definitely poop. I would say dog poop, but they really go little nuggets since being on raw, so maybe one of them has a sick tummy. Anyways, there was NO way I could clean that up! I couldn’t even go back into the hallway where it was, the smell was making me gag. I can still kind of smell it…let’s just say we are unprepared for carpet cleaning emergencies. Resolve is going on our shopping list! So the hubs clean it up…thank God he was home, I would have had to gag through it. Guess he’s good for some things…heh kidding of course!

We did the happy birthday thing for my dad. We ended up at Bahama Breeze. We were supposed to go to some new rib place, but my dad wanted to go to BB. It’s always good there…but we go a little buck wild on the appetizers. Plus, my nephew has braces and his teeth were hurting him, so he didn’t know what he could or should eat. So we got like 4 appetizers. lol Oh well, it was good. I got my usual, Chicken Jerk Pasta…so yummy!

Then we went to my parents and sang Happy Birthday to my dad and had apple pie. I am not a pie lover, so I skipped it…but I’m sure it was good!

Here’s a scrappy page of my dad blowing his candles out!!

Template: Moriginals
Papers and most Elements: Faith Sisters Birthday Bash Freebie Kits by Ana Flor
Present & Bow by Paula Phillips
Overlay on picture: Kirsty Wiseman
We have a very *unique* way of singing “Happy Birthday” so that’s where the Haaaaapy came from! And I was SUPER excited to find some super birthday freebie kits at Faith Sisters! How fitting!! I’m always in need of some good gender neutral birthday kits!

1,000 Freed from West Virginia Puppy Mill – Please Donate

To donate: http://www. hsus. org/

August 24, 2008

Yesterday morning in Parkersburg, W.Va., a cycle of animal abuse that lasted nearly two decades was finally broken. Local authorities raided the Whispering Oaks Kennel and found one of the most prolific puppy mills in the state’s history.

By the end of the day nearly 1,000 neglected and abused dogs were freed from the horrendous industry that traps hundreds of thousands of dogs in a dismal cycle of suffering.

The Humane Society of the United States was there from the beginning, acting as the lead animal welfare organization for this mercy mission.

Cruelty Downstream
Local authorities had received complaints that the property owner was discharging pollution without a permit. When they arrived on the scene to investigate the claims, they found a grossly overrun breeding facility wrought with obvious animal neglect.

Once on site, the officials convinced the property owner to relinquish ownership of all 1,000 dogs at the facility. The owner also signed a document barring her from ever operating another breeding facility.

The W.Va. dogs were destined for a life in cages. © The HSUS/Milani

The HSUS had earlier been called by the Humane Society of Parkersburg.

The HSUS was appointed lead animal welfare agency on this case and had spent weeks preparing for for the complexities of caring for what was expected to be—and indeed became—a heart-breaking number of animals.

They were mostly dachshunds, but many Yorkies, King Charles Cavaliers, Poodles and Jack Russels bred on the facility.

Breeding dogs were housed in small rabbit hutches throughout the property—many with no access to water in the potentially deadly 95-degree heat.

Joint Effort
 With the help of United Animal Nations, Best Friends Animal Society and the Humane Society of Missouri, we followed law enforcement onto the property. Together, we set up an emergency shelter and begin to rescue the dogs from the squalid cages where they would’ve spent their entire lives.

Dogs in puppy mills are turned into breeding machines. © The HSUS/Milani

Fragile young puppies and mothers were the first receive veterinary care and the safety of the shelter.
The rest of the dogs will be removed over the next few days.

From the shelter, the dogs will be transported to humane organizations across the nation where they will be evaluated and put up for adoption.
While the condition of the animals wasn’t the very worst our team has witnessed in such raids, one person simply cannot properly care for 1,000 animals. More than that, one person should not.

Puppy mills are a source of unbearable cruelty with breeding animals kept in tiny, exposed cages without any socialization, for the sole purpose of supplying pet stores and the internet market with puppies—and of course, providing a stream of ill-gotten profits to their operators.

Rescuers moved newborn pups to safety first. © The HSUS/Milani

They also contribute to tragic pet overpopulation.

Brighter Days
As a nation we cherish dogs as beloved family pets, but these breeding dogs spent years churning out puppies for profit.

Like all victims of the puppy mill industry, these dogs had never left their dank cages or feel the warm touch of a loving human hand.

But today they leave behind the abuses of their former lives to begin a new chapter. Their lives began in sadness and cruelty, but these once-neglected dogs now have the chance for far better—to be part of loving families.

Make It Public

The dogs at Whispering Oaks Kennell head toward loving homes, at last. © The HSUS/Milani

We urge everyone who cares about animals to spread the word about the great suffering associated with puppy mills.

People in the market for a companion animal should consider rescuing a homeless pet from a shelter or breed rescue organization—or at least to know the breeder and inspect the facility beforehand.

Original Article: http://www.hsus.org/hsus_field/hsus_disaster_center/disasters_press_room/a_thousand_dogs_freed_from_wv_082408.html 

Sweat Shop Sunday!

I probably shouldn’t say “sweat shop”, but that’s what we call things in my family…cookie sweat shop, invitation sweat shop…ebay sweat shop…what have you.

So in a couple hours I am meeting my mom and sister to do some crafty things and put together the favor bags for my sister’s shower. Then we’re all going to dinner for my dad’s birthday…which is Monday.

I should bring my camera…to document this blessed occasion. haha

Moving on…my cats are driving me batty!!!! They are total beggars, worse than the dogs. They have food in their bowls, but still they are begging for people food. We have two cats that will take it right from your plates/hands if you let them!! bad kitties!! I hate a begging dog…but I hate a beggin cat worse and we have the beggingest cats around!!!

And Malcolm, he’s the worse…little shit gets into absolutely everything. And he knows he’s being bad too, he all hunkers down if you say his name…but still he keeps coming back and doing what you just yelled at him and shooed him away for! Bad kitty!