O Christmas Tree

Christmas is 52 days away! Commencing freak out….NOW! lol

I’m dealing with some heavy duty health issues so to distract myself I am going to write about Christmas. Christmas is fun, merry and makes me happy. So here we go.

I am thrilled that my husband and I will be able to put up a Christmas tree this year!!! We rearranged the living room and there will now be room for a nice, slim tree.

I looked at Walmart online and Meijer. They have some excellent original looking ones that I hope are on display in the store because I’d like to see them live before I buy one. I like Meijer better in general so I’ve linked the photos there, but most of these are also available at Walmart. I will, most likely, be buying our new tree wherever it is cheapest because they can be pricey!

Like this one. Quirky, original, unique…and PURPLE!!! although it does come in bright lime green, mocha and a champagne color.


I love purple, but I think I want more of a traditional green tree. It still can be unique, but should be green. I’m more of a multi-color light girl than a white light girl, but I do like the look of the next one. It’s got a “real” tree look to it and the tree part is off the ground some, which may deter the kitties from playing with the ornaments…but, they may use the trunk as a scratching post. So maybe we’ll keep looking. I do like this tree a lot though.


This next tree I absolutely love. It has that old feather tree look, but with the real tree feel. Again, it has white lights, but I can overlook that. I think once decorated this tree will be gorgeous and it’s really slim which is what we need for the space we have. Unfortunately, there’s the trunk issue again but maybe we can spray it with something to keep the kitties at bay. Most of them have never been around a Christmas tree!


The next one is kind of sad looking, but that’s why I like it. We may actually buy this one if we don’t go with the completely traditional.


So far those are the trees that are contenders. If not those then we’ll go with this one. Boring, but has multicolored lights and is slim like we need it to be.

As far as ornaments go, we are probably buying all new and totally plastic. I anticipate this tree falling over at least once since our crazy cats like to climb and have never been around a Christmas tree or really any decorations.

Plastic ornaments come in all shapes and colors now, so it should be easy to find a nice variety of them to decorate the tree. Maybe we’ll go with a funky retro look with pink, teal, bright green and purple ornaments. Or maybe we’ll just keep it traditional.

I am really excited to decorate this year and make our house all Christmasy! I’ve missed decorating. The last time we decorated was 2007. We didn’t have a tree but we did break out the Christmas boxes from the garage and decorate. It’s been a long time!

Check out my Christmas board on Pinterest for some of my holiday likes and inspiration like this photo:

Source: flickr.com via Heidi on Pinterest


Do you theme your tree? What are your colors/theme this year?

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