My Husband Lied to Me!

(Photo by my Mother. Taken at William Beaumont Hospital, South Tower)

My husband told me a lie today. We were driving either to or from Target, or maybe we were even IN Target, I don’t remember those details but I do know that he lied.

He’s a big fibber, that husband of mine. His pants were totally on fire!

Wanna know what he said?

He said that Christmas was a WEEK away!!

Now, that’s a lie.

Christmas is 12 days away! Twelve whole days!

We argued back and forth about it for a little bit. I, of course, won because he was just plain WRONG.

12 days is soon enough!

Don’t make it any sooner, plz!!!

Huggs from the girl who hasn’t started even shopping yet,


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  • FiveSibesMom

    Didn’t it seem to come faster than ever this year??? I just realized I haven’t finished shopping or writing out my cards…and I have now learned that the USPS will be slower for First Class due to cutbacks. Well, it is a whole season, right? So if my cards arrive after Christmas, they should, technically still be on time! Love the photo of the tree, very beautiful! And thanks for putting a link to my book here! I hope we raise lots of awareness and funds!