The Perfect Disney Bag

Photo by my Mom!My family is going to Disney World at the end of this year so I’m starting to think about what is needed for the trip.

Every time we go to Disney there is a hunt for the “perfect” Disney bag.

This bag must have the following elements:

  • Crossbody with a large enough strap to fit comfortably
  • Not too feminine so the husband will also carry it
  • Large enough to carry what is needed, however, small enough to not be a burden

Because I am a larger gal, the bag needs to have a long strap. And this time, I’d really like it to be large enough to put my DSLR camera in it as I plan on taking it with me most days.

Last time we went I used a Baggallini bag most days and a hobo type bag  a friend in Canada sent me that she had added a larger strap to. I appreciate the bag from my friend but it is too large I think and will be too burdensome for an every day type Disney bag.

My initial thought was to use my Vera Bradley wristlet and just attach it to my pants and carry my camera. We don’t have kids so I don’t really need to carry a bag that can hold a lot of things and I used to carry a smallish drawstring backpack that I actually got at the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT. It was similar to this bag on Etsy.

Now I am thinking that I want to carry my DSLR camera more days than not and carry a bag that is big enough to do so.

So now I have the “perfect Disney bag” dilemma. I’ve added a number of bags to a board on Pinterest and am still adding to it as I search out the best bag for the trip. Problem is, though, that I would probably need to adjust the strap (I had added something to extend the strap a little bit on the Baggallini bag for it to be comfortable).

So far there are a few that I think will work:

Photo by Lu100

This bag is from an Etsy store and is fully padded. Each bag is hand-crafted so I convo’d the owner and asked if I could get a larger strap. I am still waiting for her answer. This was the first bag I saw and said to myself, “that is a perfect bag!” Not sure about the strap length and actually the width of the strap may be an issue as well. Still though, it’s one of my favorites and definitely a possibility.

From the seller’s Etsy page:

Photographers are some of the most creative artists around, so why then, do we carry the same bulky, black cases?! That is where I come in…my name is Lucienne and I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Not too long ago I realized there was a need for stylish, easy-to-carry camera cases, so I began to design and make my own bags in Peru and I began calling my mini-company, Lu100 (the number 100 is pronounced cien in Spanish).

**I heard back from this shop owner and she cannot make the strap longer…it’s too bad because I really liked this little bag!!**

Sneak Case by Timbuk2

This bag is called The Sneak Case by Timbuk2. I found it on Zappos first, so that is where I have linked it from. It looks small enough, yet large enough to hold everything. I don’t use multiple lenses, so I really just need something I can put my camera in when I am eating dinner, enjoying a ride, or riding the Disney bus to and from the parks. The bag isn’t too expensive and although it is more of a traditional looking camera bag I think this would really work as well. The strap may be an issue on this one as well, but that could probably be adjusted easy enough.

3 Million Dollar Home by Crumpler

I am sure it’s obvious why I like this case…PURPLE!! It’s the only one I found that was purple and small enough looking to work. This bag is called 3 Million Dollar Home by Crumpler. It’s a little more money than the others, however, I don’t mind spending the money to have a bag I will use for a while. I could use this as my regular DSLR case also. Again, the strap is something that I would probably have to fix so that it’s long enough to be comfortable.

And finally:

Cinch Backpack from Etsy

This final option (so far) is one of those traditional drawstring type backpacks. This is another Etsy find (LOVE Etsy!) and it can come in a number of colors (thinking Maroon or Navy) and can be personalized. Not sure that I would personalize it though. I like this one because it is a bit larger than others on Etsy and I convo’d the store owner to see if the straps could be made a bit longer.

My husband or I could carry this and it is Disney themed, which is cool too! I could even get some pins for it. This bag is the cheapest option but, of course, in order to protect my camera I would need to also buy a padded insert like this one or even this one. Something like this would work well also.


Another issue that comes up is that the larger the bag, the more you end up carrying. I don’t want to be weighed down by some large bag full of stuff I don’t need to be carrying around all day! However, I do need to carry the essentials.

So…the search for the perfect Disney bag continues!

For people who are Disney travellers…what type of bags do you carry while there? Any recommendations, thoughts, or ideas? Please leave me a comment!!

Thanks for reading!

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    Hey girl I love your blog as always. I like the grey bag. I really like the red one but the fabric doesn’t look like it would last long. You know how that fabric kind of shreds/freys. Anyway, hey I see you’ve still got a Ricci banner up. I have a new account so you can snag a new banner if you want. Got a new twitter one too

    Okay you’re keeping me motivated. I’m trying to get into this blogging thing.

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