Update & Review of 2014 Goals

Hello there!

A lot has been going on lately. We had to put our beloved puppa boy, Topaz, down a little over a week ago. It hasn’t been easy and we’re all adjusting to life without him. I think the animals are all adjusting well; the humans however…not so much. I actually think our girl, Onyx, is doing great and is loving being an ‘only’ dog. Topaz took a lot of our attention and she kind of got pushed to the side a lot, so it’s all about her now again. So where I thought we really were going to get another dog (puppy) right away…we may hold off on that for a little bit and just enjoy the one we have.

I didn’t want to totally not write about losing Topaz but the longer I waited to write about him, the more difficult it becomes. I plan on making him a proper memorial graphic and when I do, I will definitely share it. In the meantime, here is a photo of his last full day with us. He was unable to really walk without stumbling and just laid here in the grass for a while. Definitely not the same crazy dog he always was.



More than just that has been going on. I will update on that later though. That is a post in itself.

For now, I am going to take this time to reflect on the goals I made for myself at the beginning of 2014. I will comment in red and the ones I completed are crossed out.


2014 Goals

  1. Read 4 non-smut books all the way through. Yeah, I didn’t do this. There is actually still time though. I haven’t read much of anything lately. 
  2. Blog at least once a week. Nope. I have blogged more though. Working on this as well.
  3. Write one book review a month on my blog. Again…no. I don’t think I’ll be doing even one of these. Good in theory. 
  4. Organize and clean my office and keep it that way for at least a whole month. Still time…I did clean up a lot but organize and keep it that way? Um, no. However, still time. 
  5. Work on my housekeeping skills. I have kept the kitchen clean now for a long time!! I didn’t cross this one out because I’m still working on it. 
  6. Lose 30 lbs.  WOO HOO!! 41 lbs as of today!
  7. Average 5000 steps a day. I average about 3000 or so steps daily. I need to work on this.
  8. Walk the dogs once a week spring – fall. I have many reasons why I didn’t do this…but I will work on taking the Miss out for walks this fall.
  9. Decorate the house for Christmas. Definitely happening this year!
  10.   Plant flowers and fix the landscape in the front. We did not plant flowers…but we did the landscaping! 
  11.   Clean out the items to donate in our garage and actually donate them. Still time to do this. Still need to do this!!!
  12.   Have family over for one meal. Probably won’t happen…just keeping it real. 
  13.   Plan a monthly date night with my husband. Didn’t happen…could happen the remaining months of the year. 
  14.   Watch one classic old (black and white) movie a month that I haven’t already seen. Will try to do this for the remaining months of the year.
  15.   Cook dinner each night for one straight month. I do cook more…however, we do still have pizza on ‘cheat’ nights. lol
  16.   Try new recipes. Have tried a lot of new recipes!
  17.   Learn to use my DSLR manual settings. Still would like to do this. 
  18.   Take a photo a day and post it to Instagram. No…
  19.   Pick a word for the year and keep it close to focus on it.  Word is SHINE. I blogged about it on peargirly.com
  20.   Actually wait till my phone is ready for an upgrade to upgrade to the iPhone 5S. – Silly, but I struggle with this! I waited and now the 6’s are out….UGH!
  21.   Make something…anything!! A craft, a DIY-make-it-yourself something. Again…still time. 
  22.   Skype with my nieces and nephew at least twice a month. I do this about once a month. I need to do it more often though. 
  23.   Use the crock pot at least once a month. I barely have used the crock pot lately. 
  24.   Attempt to make a Thanksgiving-type dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and veggies. Still time and I’d still like to do this!!

So…there’s the update on the goals. Some I’ve met, some I’m working on and some I still have time to meet.

How are you doing on your goals for 2014?? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Till next time…..Heidi

Weekly Weigh In – Weeks 17 – 19


Wow…week 19 already! I know these updates haven’t been “weekly” as of late, but I am still here…still plugging along at Weight Watchers.

At this past week’s weigh in I lost 2.6 lbs.

So I’ve lost a total of….42.5 pounds!

To put that in perspective…


Crazy, right?

I had an off week that resulted in a 1.3 lb gain. I actually weighed in a day early and just had a stressful week.

I’m still human and still an emotional eater. No worries though, I got right back on track this past week.

I recently got a FitBit Flex and I LOVE it! side-romantic I’ve been wearing it constantly and I love to be able to track my steps all day and night and also track my sleep. I upped my ‘goal’ daily steps to 6000 and I am thinking of increasing that to 7000 this week.

I’ve been walking a lot at work. I had a walking buddy for the past 3 weeks but we’re coming out of training and won’t have the same schedules…so I doubt we’ll be able to keep walking together. guilty I will continue to walk alone on my breaks though.

I’m still following simply filling and doing the same things that I’ve been doing. I love simply filling. It’s so easy for me to follow now that I’ve been doing it for a while and I really love the foods.

Some of my food shares from Instagram:



Both meals were DELICIOUS!!

I have some thoughts about clothes that I need to blog about and share. Hopefully this week I will find the time.

Are you on program? Share your tips or tricks in the comments!

Till next time…Thanks for reading!

Detroit Flood of 2014

On Monday, August 11, 2014 a record 5-6 inches of rain fell on most of the Metro Detroit area. That is a hell of a lot of rain!

I worked on Monday and I work in Downtown Detroit. I take I 75 North freeway to get home. Once a week or every other week in the spring and summer there are Detroit Tigers baseball games that let out right when I am heading home from work. Traffic on these days is bumper to bumper most of my way home. When I got on the freeway on Monday it was backed up to where I get one, like it is on baseball game days.

So at this point, although it was raining and had been for a while, I really thought nothing of the traffic being backed up – maybe there was an accident or something. It was raining pretty hard and it can happen…

Boy was I wrong…

What I didn’t know was that the freeways – all the freeways – were flooded.

my commute


Above was the reason I was stuck in traffic.

I was stuck in basically one place for hours. Remember when I said I got off work at 4:45? Well I was stuck not even 3 miles from work for over 2 hours.

But then we started moving. Thank God!

I did have to go through 2 flooded areas, but the water was not as deep in the middle of the freeway so I was able to make it through those two areas.

I drove a couple miles more and when I got close to one of the exits there were cars heading in the opposite direction down the shoulder of the freeway.

I have never seen cars driving the wrong way down the freeway!!!

That’s only acceptable in, like, high speed car chases or in movies…not in real, live, life on a random Monday!!

It didn’t take me very long to realize that I should have turned around also.

Let me back up a bit…at this point I knew there was some flooding on the freeways. The one I was driving on was closed at an interchange with another freeway. When I was sitting I hadn’t gotten to that point yet. I figured they would be routing us off the freeway and I’d have to find an alternate route when I finally did get off.

So once we were moving, I thought, “eh, where could it be flooded again?”…and it was getting dark at this point…and AGAIN…cars were turning around!! Ugh!

I am now almost 5 hours into my journey home, 4 miles from work, between two exits, hungry as hell with little to no food in my car, and I have to pee so bad I am thinking about how difficult it will be to get a gallon of urine out of my car seat….AND THEN a cop comes down the shoulder of the freeway with a bullhorn and announces:

“The freeway is flooded and shut down, you all need to turn around!”

Wait…you all need to turn around?? What??

Do you know what happens when a freeway full of cars that have all been sitting in non moving traffic for hours needs to turn around? Well it looks like this:


The semi truck is going the “right” direction. O.o

Remember that exit I passed ^^ up there? Well that is where we were all headed!

All in all, it took me 6 hours to get home. SIX!!! Even a major snowstorm doesn’t take THAT long!

Here are some photos to demonstrate just how much flooding there was in my area:



I-75 / I-696 Interchange Flooded


Those photos above are from Flickr. You can click on the photos for their credits. Next are a couple that my husband took on Monday and Tuesday.







A couple other links with photos of the flood:

Detroit dries out after unprecedented flooding

Insane Pictures Of The Detroit Metropolitan Area Underwater After Severe Thunderstorms

On top of the flooding…and the 6 hour drive home, when I finally got there we were out of power.

However, for all of the times I have wished we had a basement, I am SO SO SO glad we don’t have one because it would have flooded and we’d have to deal with that mess. My mom, Granny, and many friends and neighbors have had to spend the week cleaning up and clearing out their basements. Thank God for houses built on slabs!!

Have you ever had to deal with flooding?

Let me know in the comments!

Depression Kills

I find myself to share some of the awesome articles and sites that I’ve read over the past 24 hours regarding depression and suicide.

As the entire world knows by now, actor and comedian, Robin Williams, committed suicide yesterday, August 11, 2014.

Happy Feet 2 - Australian Premiere

I have read some comments saying he is a coward and how suicide is the most selfish thing that someone can do. Sentences like, “Get some help and get over it” and “it’s his own fault” echo through my head.

My husband suffers from depression. I don’t understand it. I can’t begin to understand it. I just hope that he would come to me if his depression was so severe to the point where suicide seems to be the only way out of it.

I know he has been to that place before. I can’t say he’ll never be at that place again. I just hope that if the darkness does surround him again, he will come to me so I can try to get him some help.

Most of the links I’m going to share were shared on Facebook by people I am friends with or pages I follow. I believe all of them are worth a read.

Video: In Response To Robin Williams’ Death, The Most Powerful Description Of Depression I’ve Ever Heard – directly quoted from the video, “…suddenly you’re the problem, you’re the downer. And you really want to, you really want to, you really wanna go out to the bar and you really wanna go out and have fun but your body just doesn’t allow you to. As if something inside you is just forcing you to be down.”

Robin Williams Did Not Die From Suicide – I love this author’s comparison that a person may have cancer but it’s a seizure that kills them, yet we still said they died from the cancer. He passed away from depression. Suicide can be a symptom of depression.

— 3 Articles from Psychology Today: Robin Williams and the Mask of HumorRobin Williams Did Not Die From DepressionCan’t We Learn From The Death of Robin Williams? –  I think these articles are excellent.

— The Death of Robin Williams, And What Suicide Isn’t – This article pretty much sums up how I feel but cannot put into words myself. Awesome, awesome article!

— Why Robin Williams’ Death Is So Personal For Us All – Suicide, although so real, is something that we don’t often talk about. Robin Williams’ death has got us all talking.

On Dead Poets & Talking It Out – I personally read this blog on a regular basis. Good message. We need to talk to each other about how we are feeling…it may not always help, but in some cases it can.

— Robin Williams’s death: a reminder that suicide and depression are not selfish – Depression is an illness. It doesn’t discriminate.

Image posted by Disney on Instagram.


Please, if you are feeling like you may be depressed and are having suicidal thoughts, please seek help!



Weekly Weigh In – Week 16


This week’s weigh in marked my last week of my first Weight Watchers session.

In total during the 16 weeks, I lost 39.5 lbs!!


LOL I had to throw that in there.

I feel great! I am officially in a smaller size of pants and have found a few new (to me) pairs of pants recently. I have been looking for a new pair of jeans though. I bought a couple pairs recently on Poshmark which I hope will fit well. If not, I’ll probably repost them on there. I have a couple pairs of jeans that I should post on there to sell. Maybe this week.

If you haven’t joined Poshmark and are interested in joining….If you put in the code BTWGO then you will get $5.00 free and so will I! It covers the shipping on your first purchase.

I still feel like I really need to start stepping up and exercising. I think I want to get a bicycle to ride. I need one that will be able to hold a lot of weight though, which may be pricey. I don’t know what to do but I feel like I need to do something.

My thighs are really flabby and wiggly and my arms are too. I just want to tighten it all up now. I’m going to be working on my arms and I plan on walking at work on lunch with a friend of mine while we’re in training for 3 weeks. We’ll see how that all goes! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do something about these turkey leg calves. Even though they are delicious at Disney World! LOL

Photo credit: Your WDW Store

I do plan on measuring everything (arms, legs, etc) before I get really started on trying to work on those areas. Maybe I will post the information when I do.

Honestly, I am pretty close to posting all the numbers. I am proud of how far I’ve come and worked hard to get where I am.

I was not at my absolute heaviest weight when I started WW 16 weeks ago, I had kept off about 50 lbs from my heaviest. So numbers may be coming soon! I have a number in my head where I’d like to get to before I reveal all….lol

Stay tuned…and thanks for reading.


I also have a post in the works about our trip to the great north…aka the Upper Peninsula. So stay tuned for that as well.

And I’d love if someone would leave me a comment. I feel like I’m taking to myself!! lol