Weekly Weigh In – Weeks 12-15


Hello again…

I am horrible at this blogging thing. And this is going to just be a quick one.

So far, I’ve lost 35.6 lbs!

I found this neat site: http://ilostwhat.com/ where you put in how many pounds you’ve lost and it gives you a graphic to show you something that weighs the same as how much weight you’ve lost. Here is mine:


Pretty cool, huh?  Expect to see these often lol

I did have a small gain in the past couple weeks. I went to see my sister’s family (triplets!!) who live in Northern Michigan. Like WAY WAY up north!! I had a BLAST and may write about it and share some photos. After all, that would be photos of the mitten! lol

Anyway, that week I gained. just .5 lb which I am thrilled about. Other than that, I am plugging away on program.

Will write again soon…


Weekly Weigh In ~ Weeks 6 – 11


Well, it’s been over a month since I’ve updated.

That does not mean I haven’t been weighing in or attending meetings, it just means that life has gotten in the way.

This is why I am not making a living at this blogging thing.

So to the update:

I have lost 30.3 lbs total!

I received my 25 lb loss washer for my key chain a couple weeks ago.


I have been plugging along. I like Simple Start or Simply Filling and have been following that. I’ve been posting more food pictures than I was before and following some great ladies who are also on program on Instagram so I’m getting different food ideas which has been helping too.

peargirlyfood1 peargirlyfood2


I need to start walking again at work. It’s too hot for me to comfortably walk in the parking structure now, but I think I may start to walk in the halls. I still hate to have people seeing me walk but maybe I still shouldn’t care about such things and just move myself and do it!

One awesome thing….I had to buy new work pants!! I haven’t worn my old ones in a couple weeks now. I am not even going to try to put them back on to wear them. I need to donate them somewhere or else see if I can sell them to a local plus sized retail shop in the area, Hips. I have a couple pairs of jeans to take there too and see if they will buy them from me…even for store credit. I actually bought a pair of work pants there that are Torrid and I probably could use a size smaller, but they were only $15.00. So I’ll wear them until they are REALLY too big on me. I actually threw them in the dryer hoping they would shrink a little bit.

I’ve never really been into clothing or anything, but it’s kind of exciting to shop for smaller sized clothes. I will be really excited when I can go into Kohl’s or Target and buy some work pants. When pants don’t cost me $70.00 a pair, I will be ecstatic!

Shirts are another story. I still like them bigger than I probably need, and I have so many that are too big or fit well now that didn’t before so I am rediscovering my old wardrobe. I have a shirt that my inlaws got me from Hawaii that I am determined to fit into. It’s my anchor, if you are on program you will know what it is. I try it on every couple weeks. I could probably get away with wearing it, but it’s a little tighter than I am comfortable in. Soon though, I think! I will post a photo once it fits. I don’t have many casual t-shirt type shirts. When a shirt is over $40.00, you only buy work clothes and wear those all the time when you go out lol. But, I do see more t-shirts in my future!

How weird will it be to go to Disney World and be able to buy a t-shirt that doesn’t have to be brought up from the basement and is only 5 in the store to choose from that come in a large enough size?? I can’t even imagine what that will be like! It’s been SO long.

I am hoping to resume my weekly updates and write about other things.

I still am not sure of the direction I want this blog to take.

I’ll post again soon…




Cooking with a Rice Cooker

*This is not a paid ad, however, does contain links to Amazon Smile with a donation going to my favorite charity*


A couple weeks ago I made enough brown rice for a week in my brand new Aroma rice cooker. I wanted a rice cooker that was electric so I could set it and forget it.

The first batch I made was disastrous. Too much liquid = a mess all over and really mushy brown rice. I’ve never had it turn out that way before.

My favorite brand of brown rice is Nishiki and it just was not right.

So I decided to try again today and see if it was a fluke the first time or honestly, I wasn’t sure if that is how brown rice was when made properly.

It turned out perfectly!! So I now have brown rice made for the week.

Tomorrow I am having a teriyaki bowl with chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, and brown rice. Yum!

After the brown rice, I decided to try to make steel cut oats in the rice cooker.

Again, I made a mess. The water to oats ratio was off a bit. Or it could be that oats bubble up more than rice. I did read online that may happen.

What I did:

I used 1 ½ cup of steel cut oats. (I used Quaker brand). I rinsed them a little bit and then added water to the 3 line. I think it’s 3 cups. Probably not enough water really because per the instructions on the oats you need 4 cups of water for 1 cup of oats. I cooked them using the brown rice setting and I did open the cooker a few times and stir the oats.

Like I said, it made a mess.

But I will still eat them (I think) and will maybe try again next week.

Not sure what the perfect ratio would be. Maybe I need to follow the directions with the 1 cup of oats to 4 cups of water. That seems a little too much though. I don’t know.

I am just glad to have the oats ready to go for the next few days!!

I need to plan ahead more so I am not spending an hour every night scrambling to make lunch and breakfast for the next day while I’m at work.

So as of right now, I have 3 lunches ready and enough oatmeal for at least 4 days.

Feels good to be starting the week ahead of the game!

What do you do to prepare for the week ahead? Or do you have any lunch or breakfast planning tips you’d like to share in the comments?

Weekly Weigh In – Week 5


I so don’t want this blog to only be about my Weight Watchers weigh ins. Unfortunately, lately that is all is has been about.

I will work on that because there is more than just that going on.

So to the update…

This week I lost 6.2 pounds! 22.2 total loss so far.

And honestly, I don’t know how that is possible because Mother’s Day I ate well, but it was a buffet and I didn’t stick to program. I did ok though.

I didn’t walk more days this week than I did. I did change things up though.

I ate a different breakfast every day.

I followed program for the most part except the weekend really. But even then, it wasn’t horrible.

I’m not going to over analyze.

The point is that even after I messed up or indulged that I started back on program with the next meal.

More…different posts will be coming soon.

Till then…


Weekly Weigh In – Week 4


This post is LATE! I’ve had a busy week….

Week 4 is complete!! Weigh in was Thursday and….drumroll…

I lost 1.3 this past week! That’s a total of 16 lbs lost.

I feel like I need to say this every week, but I know not to expect a loss every week.

In fact, this weigh in coming up and the next one I will be surprised if I do lose anything.

Sunday (Mother’s Day) we went out to lunch with my husband’s entire family (almost!). It was a buffet. I was smart about it though, I got a salad first and loaded it up with veggies. Then when  I got my regular food I tried to stick to things I thought were on the healthier side and I got a lot of the cooked veggies.

I know I went over points.

I skipped the desserts at the restaurant because my in-laws got a cake for my birthday (which is this Friday).

Did I have a piece? Hell yes, I did!

I had a small piece. Much smaller than I ever would have had.

It was delicious. I’d do it again. It was worth it.

So, this coming weigh in I will be surprised at a loss.

We talked a bit about plateaus in my meeting on Thursday. Not that I am in one, but our leader was saying that the body remembers and things need to be changed up every now and then. I think I will take a break from walking in the structure this next week. It’s getting too hot to do so anyway. I’ll just walk inside the building.

We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been back on track today and plan to be the rest of the week so we’ll see what the scale says next time.

Till then…